Why Wrap?

For Transportation

It was once reported that a marina receiving a shipment of brand new boats from a manufacturer (not shrink wrapped) had found a damaged interior in one of the new boats. It had been caused from someone who had thrown a cigarette out the window of a moving vehicle. The cigarette blew into the boat’s cockpit and burnt a 1-1/2 ” mark in the new carpet. This was a rare incident, but debris does get routinely thrown by passing vehicles. There can be no dirtier and more dangerous place in the world, than among the busy cities and highways of America. Diesel exhaust stains boat’s interiors and road grime embeds itself into the dash, deck, hull and interior of your boat. Shrink wrap stops all these
damaging problems before they can begin.

A wind resistant, impenetrable form fitting, heat sealed surface, shrink wrap keeps your boat as clean as the day it was wrapped. Shrink wrap also provides security, keeping people off your boat whenever it stops along the way during transportation. Boats are manufactured to withstand the pressures of being used in the water at the average speeds of 25-40 mph. They are not made to withstand sustained wind speeds of 60-80 mph on the open highway. This is were shrink wrap comes into place, protecting your boat from all the hazards of land travel.

Transportation of most larger boats with a 10 ft beam or wider are loaded onto the trailer backwards (stern first). When this is the case the boat begins to act like a massive scoop, the boat’s streamline shape is reversed and dirt and rain is forced in to the cockpit, dash & cabin. During transportation the windshield is also subject to extreme pressure when it faces the opposite direction than it was designed for at highway speeds. This can cause stress on the decking and mounting areas resulting in cracks, loose and damaged components. Mobile Shrink Wrap Service by Euroglass keeps your boat safe and protected during it’s long transportation home.

For Storage

Tarps and canvas covers allow damaging Ultraviolet rays to penetrate through to your boat’s fiberglass gel-coat surface causing chalking, bleaching wood surfaces and the fading of your boat’s seats and interior. Tarps and canvas can also cause chafing because loose fitting covers tend to flap against your boat’s surface from the wind so save those tarps and canvas for mooring covers. UVI is used for the protection from film deterioration and in combination with “Ethyl Vinyl Acetate” it contributes to the elasticity and puncture resistance of shrink wrap.

Our shrink wrap provides a tight smooth form fitting, heat sealed surface secured around your boat which will prevent water from pooling and protect your boats gel-coat finish from chafing that occurs from boats covered by tarps and canvas. It’s no secret that boats left exposed to harsh weather like Florida’s sun and rain will eventually deteriorate. Vandals, Birds, Insects and Rodents, Rain, Sun and Wind, Condensation, Mold, Mildew and Rust are stopped when your boat is shrink wrapped. Euroglass shrink wrapping keeps your boat in exactly the same condition as the day it was wrapped.